Grass or Grain -- Where's the Beef?

Where's the Beef?

Ever wondered why there's such excitement these days for "grass-fed" beef? In this post we'll define "grass-fed" and talk about some main reasons that I believe grass-fed beef is better for you and your family. I'll also highlight a local farm which provides high-quality grass-fed beef in our area. Grass-fed beef is typically more expensive, but hopefully

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Eat Local!

What's the big deal with "eating local"?

There's a movement catching on throughout the country -- "Eat Local Fare" -- and I think it's a great thing. But what does eating local mean?

Commonly, local food refers to food produced near the consumer (i.e., food grown or raised within X miles of where you live). The concept is that food grown closer to you is harvested recently ... so a degradation of the nutrients found in the food is less likely.

Produce purchased at typical large-chain grocery stores can come from thousands of miles away. Often this produce was not picked at its prime of ripening...

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