You are what you eat...
— anonymous

Our family...

One of my many aprons!

over the years faced dietary sensitivities and intolerances, and after dabbling in gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, all-natural, and other diets, in 2015 I decided to go all "mother hen" and change our diet drastically.

And we needed it.

Our 14 year old Emily had suffered with heartburn, joint pain, and gastro-intestinal spasming since she was young. 

Our 11 year old Owen had allergies, along with emotional (anxiety and depression) and digestive issues, which intensified after eating certain foods.

Our 8 year old Anderson was beginning to show signs of digestive issues when he ate dairy products.

And our 3 year old Palmer .... well, he's just plain cute! Ok, he's had a little eczema, but we think we've caught it early enough so that his digestion will not suffer like our older children's.

We started a long journey with the GAPS diet, and restored much health to the family! My time in the kitchen for at least the past year has been grueling at times, but the results have been well worth it!

Sometimes you have to be silly in the kitchen! :)

During this time, my mom came to help me in the kitchen, and with all the cooking I found myself NEEDING an apron!

I also found myself appreciating everything that the apron implies. It's hard to feed a family … especially if you want to feed them well! Imagine what stories the aprons of our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers could tell. What a treasure to pass on to our daughters! That’s why I bought a cute apron...

The apron represents...

... such an important part of a mother's calling - nourishing our family all day, every day, SEVEN. DAYS. A. WEEK! Oh, I haven't loved every moment of that arduous task, but I am slowly finding my way, finding joy in learning new skills and rewarding moments. In all honesty, I enjoy cooking. But with a family of six and the constant cooking from scratch every last meal, I have had a love/hate relationship with my kitchen. 

In my family's journey, I have become passionate about nutrition; I have started school for Nutritional Therapy Consulting (graduating this November!); and I have learned a lot about the connection between good food and good health. 

Most importantly, as I have learned and implemented better nutrition for my family, I have wanted to help others feel better too! My hope for you is that you can experience better health and well being through better nutrition, and make changes that will be For Life! I hope you find yourself encouraged and inspired, knowing you are not alone in your journey to feed yourself and your family well, while wearing that tattered (but super cute) apron!

- Christian Barnes, The Apron Girl