The Apron Girl, Christian Barnes

I love my cute aprons! But more importantly, I love my family -- and I love to cook! Cooking for my family is the main reason why I wear these aprons!

God has blessed me with four lovely children and a sweet husband, and I am privileged to bring nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners to them each day. But sometimes that privilege is overwhelming -- especially with children who have had food allergies, insensitivities, and general pickiness to boot!

I started my journey in the kitchen many years ago as a young child learning from my mother and grandmother. My grandmother spends a lot of time in the kitchen in her home in the mountains of Southwest Virginia -- where she has fed hundreds of family members, church folks, and even strangers during her life of service. I have fond memories of her working over that hot stove -- cooking green beans, ham, biscuits, gravy, and other fixings on a crisp fall Saturday afternoon. And my mom continued that tradition -- cooking large Sunday dinners for church members after Sunday service (my dad is a pastor). I learned from them the importance of cooking fresh foods, and I have always looked up to these women!

My family lives north of Macon, Georgia, a small, sleepy town in middle Georgia. The "nutrition movement" has just started making its way this far south, and so we are just now experiencing good farm-fresh, organic, nutrition-dense foods here. Earlier this year (2016), after working through several food issues with three of my four children, I decided to attend school for nutritional therapy consulting to expand my knowledge as well as to serve my family and others in the community. My training has been eye-opening, educational -- and exciting! -- and I look forward to sharing the information I have been learning with all of you. Good nutrition can help in so many ways, and is truly foundational to health. We have seen that firsthand in our family! When more and more health professionals start to understand the connection between better nutrition and healthy living, I believe our communities will become more and more resilient to disease and healthier overall! 

I have also recently become a chapter leader in Macon for the Weston A. Price Foundation, a great resource for nutrition-minded folks! My desire for this site is to provide many more resources to all of you so that you can begin eating healthy for life! Thanks, and happy aproning!